Year 4

Class Page for Year 4 Summer 2019

Welcome to Year 4!

Update June 2019: Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see our amazing WW2 models.

On this page you can read news about Year 4 and find out what we are learning this term. You will also find links to other websites that will help you with your topic homework.

If parents or carers need to contact either of the Year 4 class teachers, please use our school emails in the first instance:

We will get back to you as soon as possible (but if the matter needs urgent attention it should be addressed to the school office instead). 


Next half term brings the first ever Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check. TT Rockstars is helping us to recall our tables quickly, but extra practice is always welcome to ensure speedy and accurate inputting of answers into the computer! Topics still to be covered next half term include: reading time (analogue and digital) and time intervals, quadrilaterals, triangles and interpreting data in graphs and charts. We will be busy! Time is a tricky concept for many children and is a crucial life skill. Therefore, could you please make the most of time-telling opportunities to help your child and if they have a watch encourage them to wear it and tell the time with it! Reading analogue clocks to the nearest 5 minutes (past and to the hour), reading digital clocks (12 and 24-hour) and calculating time intervals are the main areas covered in Year 4.

Please remember to check the Schofield and Sims Mental Arithmetic homework books for any corrections before embarking on the new page. This helps to address misconceptions and to avoid mistakes being repeated. Many thanks for your help in this.


We will be reading Charlotte's Web as a class over the next seven weeks. It will be our class text, guided reading book and will be the stimulus for lots of creative writing (narrative, poetry and diary entries to name a few). Hopefully there will also be some time to look at the work of Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll, where we can learn poetry by heart and write some more of our own.

Our History topic this term is all about the Second World War. Below are links to websites that have useful information and resources.

The DK Find Out website is an excellent starting point.

10 facts about WWII from National Geographic.

The Imperial War Museum website has lots of information and photos about:

 growing up in WWII

how children's lives changed in WWII

evacuation in WWII

the Make Do and Mend campaign of WWII

Find WWII artefacts hidden in a bombed out building. (Choose World War 2 then Bomb Damage Report.)

Read about the leaders of the Allied and the Axis countries here:


 Learn about Anne Frank and the Holocaust.

Click here to play the 'Time Capsules' game.


Our new Science topic is called What am I?, and covers the classification of living things into scientific groups. 

The links below will take you to useful websites. 

 Find out how living things are classified.

 Can you sort the living things into the correct groups?


Use these links to research animals from the vertebrate group:

Amphibians -  

Birds - 

Fish - 

Mammals - 

Reptiles - 

How well do you know your vertebrates? Try the quizzes below:

Can you identify features of different vertebrate classes?


Use these links to research some of the invertebrate groups: 

Annelids - 

Arachnids - 

Insects -  Try the insects quiz here:

Molluscs - 

Myriapods - 

We shall be using Textease Branch to make our own classification keys as part of this term's Computing work. 

We hope that you will visit our website about desert wildlife. It's full of information and pictures, including some original artwork, and we made it all ourselves.