Year 6

Class Page for Year 6


Welcome to Year 6 class page.

Our class ambassadors are Toby and Macy.

  • Year 6 student council representatives are Shaan and Harvey.
  • Eco-rangers are Amelia and Charlie.
  • E-safety representatives are Jake and Alex.
  • Sports leaders are Harvey and Lexi.
  • The school Junior Road Safety Officers are Eli and Marty.

In class, we have started many new exciting topics, in which the children are continuing to show a great deal of enthusiasm, including asking lots of questions to develop their knowledge further.

In English, our units are:

  • Narrative Poetry, focusing on The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes
  • Significant Authors, using Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo to look at settings, diaries, biographies and persuasive writing

We will continue to focus on improving reading skills, where there will be an increased emphasis on using inference and deduction, as well exploring the author’s use of language. In writing, we will be working on improving our sentences, by using interesting openers, powerful vocabulary and more sophisticated punctuation.  There will be lots of fun to be had as we will be producing written pieces of work to persuade people to do things they don’t really want to do and writing instructions & explanations, alongside revision on spelling, grammar and punctuation rules.

In Maths we will be developing our skills, with an emphasis on arithmetic and mastery of concepts, so that we can use and apply our Maths in various problems, reasoning and everyday life. We will be revising the four operations, including the use of long multiplication and division, and using these within word challenges. This is reflected in the homework tasks where the children will be answering questions to help them become more familiar with explaining their answers when faced with questions which involve deeper thinking and reasoning.  They will also be focusing on working out areas and perimeters of regular and irregular shapes, plus interpreting data using pie charts.

 ** Remember to continue to practise your times tables Year 6, so that you can beat your time! **

Science this term includes work on evolution and inheritance where we will be finding out about fossils plus how plants & animals have adapted and evolved over time.  We will study the life and theories of Charles Darwin and write biographies based on this famous scientist.  The children enjoyed our topic last term on ‘Forces' and took part in various practical investigations, including designing and testing pulley systems.

You can find out how fossils are formed by clicking here.

We will then begin our new topic in Food Technology, where we will look at different types of vegetables to use in recipes for quiches, to be served with a healthy salad.

In Geography, we are finding out about rainforest environments around the world.  We are using maps to locate rainforests and investigating climates, flora and fauna common to these environments. We will study the Amazon rainforest in more detail and the children will be creating information texts relating to this.

Our History topic after half term is based on how schools have changed over time and focuses on the impact of the Victorian era on education.

We are looking forward to another enjoyable and successful term in Year 6.

If you need to contact the Year 6 class teachers, please use the email addresses below (although if it is an urgent matter, please contact via the main school office) :

Mrs Pepin

Mrs Boak

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