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Welcome to the Year 5 page!

Here you can find out about topics the children will be exploring this half term and useful websites which can be used to support the homework activities set.

This half term’s English unit is based on the well-loved text 'Matilda' by Roald Dahl. Throughout this unit we  explore and compare  the development of different characters within our class novel. The children will focus on:

  • Inferring writers' perspectives from what is written and what is implied
  • Comparing different types of narrative and identifying how they are structured
  • Exploring how writers use language for comic and dramatic effects.

Within Reading and SPAG lessons, linked to Matida, we will continue to build on our learning across the year, developing our inference skills and applying our growing knowledge of grammar and punctuation to our writing.

Within our Mathematics work this half term our focus with Mrs French will be on applying our use of a range of written methods learnt to solve a range of problems. Mrs Russell will begin the term by focusing on drawing, understanding and interpreting line graphs as part of our statistics unit. After half term, we will recap previous work on geometry and measurement, and apply our learning to more complex problem solving.


Our exciting Science topic this term will be based around animals and their habitats. The children will learn about how animals and plants adapt to survive. They will find out about the life cycles of plants, animals and insects and compare these well as exploring the stages of the human life cycle. The children are also given the responsibility of nurturing eggs within the class room until they hatch along with watching caterpillars turn into butterflies!

During this half term in Religious Education the children will be exploring how religious beliefs can be expressed through many forms of art. They will be particularly looking at the Old Testament. They will be learning about the story of creation in the book of Genesis and how metaphorical language is used to describe God's creative acts. 


Our topic this term begins with Disappearing Rainforests. We have already used maps and atlases to explore the tropical regions where rainforests are found, as well as the climate experienced there. We will move on to look at the structure of rainforests around the world, and how they are disappearing at an alarming rate, as well as researching what is being done to protect them. We will finish the year with a short unit learning about Mayan Civilisations. 

We look forward to a busy and exciting term ahead! 

Mrs French and Mrs Russell 

If you need to contact the Year 5 class teachers, please use the email addresses below (although if it is an urgent matter, please contact via the main school office) : (Mrs French) (Mrs Russell)


Have a look at some of the fantastic learning we have been doing this year!

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