Year 2

Summer Term in Year 2 Cool

As ever, Year 2 is having a busy term!  As well as completing the SAT tests we have been making flapjacks in DT and practising our Maypole dancing in the sunshine.  Our first Maypole performance, we think you will agree, was an absolute triumph.  We are so proud of how carefully the children listened and how brilliantly they danced.  We are looking forward to performing one final time at the St Chad’s Church Fete on Saturday 8th June. We hope you will come and support us as we keep this tradition alive!

The whole class has really impressed us with their hard work and grown-up attitudes to the quizzes they have taken. Thank you so much for all the support you have been giving your child in discussing the meaning of the texts they read with you at home, learning spellings /times tables and completing the weekly homework.  It really makes a difference and strengthens the partnership between school and home.

Shh!  Secret mission – Can you find 5 different, interesting sentence starts from your reading book?  These could then be used to make your writing more exciting.  Write them out and show us for a housepoint!

We have been learning how to write non-fiction texts such as non-chronological reports.  Colin the caterpillar helps us remember all the features that we need to include in this type of information writing.  Can your child remember and explain all 10 body parts?! (Here are some clues to help them – T, Intr, TBox, Pic, Para, Sub, PresT, Cap, Sent and Conj).  The children have become very skilled at organising their writing into paragraphs and using conjunctions (such as ‘because’, ‘although’ and ‘if’). 

As part of our Science topic this term we are learning about plants and how to care for them.  The class is investigating what cress seeds need to germinate and how to make plants grow healthily.  We will be growing our own beans and making sure they get everything they need to be strong and healthy.  Make sure there is a spot in your garden where you can plant it ready for the summer!

Shh! Secret mission – Why did the watered cress in the cupboard manage to grow without sunlight?  Come and tell us for a housepoint!

In Numeracy we are practising our times table multiplication facts (2x, 5x, 10x) as well as the division facts that are related. eg. 2x5=10 and 5x2=10 so therefore 10÷2=5 and 10÷5=2 The children really enjoy their weekly tests and are delighted when they move up a group.  We have been encouraging the class to use their trips up and down stairs to practise chanting the multiples. eg. 1st step "2", 2nd step "4", 3rd step "6".  

Ant=2x table


Caterpillar= 2x, 5x, 10x

Dragonfly= 3x

Earwig =2x, 5x, 10x, 3x

Firefly = 2x, 5x, 10x, 3x, 4x, 6x

Well done to those children who have already reached Dragonfly and Earwig!

Please keep practising telling the time with your child.  In class we have been revisiting how to tell the time to quarter past and quarter to the hour. If your child has a watch, please encourage them to wear it so we can all ensure this vital skill is embedded. 

Here are lots of maths games for you to enjoy at home:

Times tables

Telling the time

Further topics this term include The Fire of London in History, working with Scratch in ICT and sewing puppets in DT.

Shh! Secret mission – Find out some facts about the Great Fire of London and record them in any way you wish.  There’s a housepoint reward available!

P.E. continues to be on Mondays and Fridays, however we will be doing extra practices of the Sports Day events, so please ensure your child has a full kit that is named and pumps/trainers that fit them.  Lots of the children have had a growth spurt since the start of the year!

Mondays and Thursdays are when we try hard to fit in Show and Tell. We love hearing the children explain the new things they have learnt or discovered, such as dance certificates or natural items.  It is essential that children are able to give a couple of facts about what they are showing to improve their speaking and listening skills, so please ask your child what they will tell the rest of the class as a practice. 

Just a reminder, spellings are set every Monday and are tested the following Monday, this is enough time for you and your child to have a practice, use Look Cover Write Check techniques and maybe even a practice test.  English and Maths homework is set every week on a Friday and needs to be returned no later than the following Thursday. 

Please remember reading folders must be in every day as books are changed on a Monday and reading diaries are checked throughout the week.  If your child finishes their reading book before the Monday change day, please let them select a book of their choice to read and record in their reading diary.  Choosing their own reading book is an important part of the new curriculum where children are expected to read for pleasure. 

Have a look at the pictures below of the class practising yoga, making observations and measurements of capacity in Maths, testing out Year 4 Scratch games, learning about Road Safety and investigating colour in Art.

Mrs Dixon and Mrs Rhodes 

If you need to contact us, here are our email addresses.  Don't worry about remembering who is teaching that day, we will check them both!