Year 1

Class Page for Year 1

  During this term, Year One will be finding out more about the local area around Bishops Tachbrrok.  They will learn how to make a simple map using a key to locate landmarks and features of the area.  Linked to this will be our topic called 'How is Handa's house different from ours?', focusing on life in a village in Kenya. Similarities and differences will be found between the two localities.

  In Science the Year One topic is called 'Can you be an animal detective?', including the KS1 vivist to Twycross zoo. The main focus of this topic is to learn about groups within the Animal Kingdom including insects, fish, reptiles, birds and mammals and finding out which are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. The children will learn about the structure of the human body and relate the senses to

  In R.E. Year One have enjoyed learning about the creation in Genesis chapetr 1 of the Bible as part of the school's work on 'Understanding Christianity'.

  Maths this term builds on all the previous work covered this year and will focus on the following:

  • fractions of a half and a quarter of shapes and amounts
  • addition bridging 10 and multiples of ten
  • naming and describing common 2 and 3 dimensional shapes
  • repeated addition to work out multiplication problems
  • simple division problems, working out how many sets in a given number
  • totals to 20p and beyond and giving change
  • tell the time to the nearest hour and half hour
  • understand a quarter, half and whole turn
  • doubling and halving
  • days of the week and months of the year
  • draw, read and understand block graphs and pictograms

  Year One are studying two texts in depth this term in class reading sessions.  'Rumble in the Jungle' is a rhyming text describing animals in the jungle.  The children are enjoying finding the descriptive words and rhymes.

'Handa's surprise', the focus for our Geography topic later in the term will be the second text we study. 



The children have responsibilities to carry out during the year in Year 1.

They are as follows:

School councillors : Daniel and Ellie

Class ambassadors: Sachin and Isabelle

Sports : Isaac and Louisa

ICT: Albert and Sienna

This website is useful for letter formation. Click here.

To find a useful website to support Year 1 Maths click here.

Click here for a useful website about our History topic.

Click here for a website about Year 1 Geography.

Reading in Year 1

Please hear your child read at least three times per week and,most importantly, discuss the text with your child. This develops his/her ability to use comprehension skills and answer questions confidently.


     We look forward to an interesting and exciting term.

If you need to contact the Year 1 teacher, this is the e-mail address:

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